Egg Whites Makes It Stronger.

Ian Tanpiuco

During the Spanish Era in the Philippines workers added egg whites on the cement to create a very strong architecture. Some students learned this last May 25, 2013 with Teacher Marco and Teacher Yan. One day some of the students wanted to go to a famous historical places and also a place to unwind, so they decided to go to Manila. We started preparing our trip around 08 in the morning to make sure our vehicle is in good condition. Instead of making the trip boring, Teacher Marco and Mr. Tori decided to have a wonderful activities such as meet and great and sing activities.


We also decided to stop-by at a local convenience store and have a taste of Pan De Manila which is best served hot.



After the fun activities we never realize that we are already on the site. Our first trip is Intramuros or “within the walls” in Latin, is one of the oldest districts of Manila. The construction of these is to protect the Spanish church and city government from attack of foreigners.


During the Spanish Era the church is the center of the community therefore you will also see the city government , post office and bank within the hundreds meter radius. One of the best tourist attractions is the San Agustin Church which is the capital wedding place of the Philippines, and we are so lucky that students witness a wedding.


San Agustin Church was one of four Philippine churches constructed during the Spanish colonial period to be designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Another wonderful place is the Port Santiago , the fort is one of the most important historical sites in Manila. Many heroes’ lives were lost in its prisons during the Spanish Colonial Period and World War II.


The Philippines’ national hero Jose Rizal , was imprisoned in this place and was executed in 1896. Students went also in the Rizal Shrine museum displays memorabilia of the hero in their collection, we also saw the Pasig River that was a wonderful place but unfortunately due to pollution we can no longer see the fishes in the area.


However, students got a souvenir of a fish to remind the wonderful place. After the long journey from Intramuros we decided that it’s time to eat, and the best place to eat and to unwind is at MOA or SM Mall Of Asia. In MOA, there are many famous restaurants and after the long search we saw a good place , Dennis The Grill Boy.


This place serves any kind of chicken, pork and fish grill variations and the best thing is about the free rice which I really enjoy. After the wonderful lunch we tried to roam around the mall , however the place is too big that we can really check the place within a day so we just check some places such as the ice skating , animals show and some boutiques. Another good thing in MOA is the wonderful and romantic view of the Manila Bay in Roxas Boulevard.


As much as we want to view the sunset we need to go to avoid any delays, however we will do our best to make sure we can see the sunset in Manila Bay.


After a few hours of driving we felt hungry and tried so we again ate dinner at Jollibee one of the best Filipino fast food which is a good place to eat at a very reasonable price, while we are preparing to go back to CIP, I decided to buy Bibingka or Filipino Rice Cake . After 12 hours of travel , we finally went back safe at CIP, we gave thanks for the wonderful trip thanks to July Manio which drives us and help us in our travel, Teacher Marco and Mr. Tori in facilitating this.


Students and teachers bonding in school is the foundation like a building and sharing the same fun and learning from each other , like an egg white that makes the building stronger.


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