Communication Skills

Have you ever thought why your office-mate was promoted faster even though you are better in that particular field? Have you ever tried to convince someone to do something but failed but other people can do it ? Have you ever seen a student that is not well in examinations but good in talking with other people.

Most people want to learn new languages such as Mandarin, French and English, but if we just learn the language are we effective? Currently most of us are just focus in learning English from the vocabulary up to the grammar part but are we missing something, I think we are missing the most important part the communication skills. Merriam-Webster defines Communication as an act or instance of transmitting thru verbal or written message, for me it’s the way we convey our thoughts to people , English and other language is just the medium of communication, that is why even two people speaks the same vernacular they may still have discombobulate since the communication skills are different.

People may have the same abilities in learning English but another may be more successful if they master the art of communication.

How do we build the communication skills? Communication skills are composed of 10 parts.


Vocabulary – The ability of a person to know many words from dictionaries and even from others. Without this even though you can listen and speak well you may not convey what you really want to say.

Grammar – The ability to write and speak in the right syntax. Making the right syntax makes the thought concise.

Listening – The ability to listen to other people, to listen to the words that people are saying. Having this is also vital in communication.

Speaking – The ability to convey in a verbal way. Having this makes the communication much faster.

Intonation – The ability to make the words sound different to express one’s emotion.

Pronunciation – The ability to enunciate a word so others can comprehend.

Writing – The ability to convey someone’s thoughts thru written forms.

Reading – The ability to understand someone’s written message

Confidence – The ability to express one’s thought thru any languages

Attitude – The ability of a person to express oneself with others.

All of these are important not only in English but in communication skills with others. Communication skill can be studied but best applied thru experience. I want that some day we only not learn about English but also communication skills.


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