What Is The Best Way To learn English?

I’m currently teaching English to Korean and Japanese and I really enjoy this job, however I always keep a question in my mind the best way to learned English.


Before we talk about the best way to learn English, let us talk about how did I learn English, well it’s not at school but by working in a BPO company for 5 years. I took 100 phone calls and 35 emails a day from North American customer and thanks to them I was able to learn English but I have some challenges. Since my job requires me to talk and listen for 10 to 12 hours a day I develop my listening and speaking skill but since email are just canned messages I can’t really write good articles, (that is the reason why I’m practicing myself in writing in a Blog).

I talked to some of my students and he suggest me to look for Stephen Krashen and I was amazed at how he explains that FVR or Free Voluntary Reading is the best way to learn English which makes sense to me. If I read books Reading Comprehension Skills, Grammar Skills, Vocabulary Skills will be improved but what about the remaining factors?

I tried to check it again over Google and saw Brian Tracy’s advised that reading out loud is good in developing your speaking skills, so I checked to see if this is true and I was again surprised that reading out loud can help you in Speaking and the other factor that was given. But now my challenge is that listening and pronunciation so I asked again another student and they suggested that watching US shows can improves a person listening and pronunciation skills.

Is there anything else? Well I asked my other people on Facebook and one teacher posted about eating cheeseburger which doesn’t make any sense first but after I think about this , it makes sense to me that the best way to learn English or other desired language is to expose yourself in that Language.

Using your five senses Sight, Smell, Taste, Touch and Hearing makes you absorb in English, many students struggled for years to get English but the best way is absorbed by it. See and touch the English culture, taste and smell the food, hear them talk to one another. Using one’s senses is the best way to learn English.


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