Pushing Our Limit

Limit is defined by Oxford as a point beyond which something does not or may not pass or extend. I do believe that we have all limits, we can’t break it but we definitely can push it. Many successful people, companies inspire us that it is possible to push one’s limit. One of my inspirations is Steve Job, as I read the book by Walter Isaacson I found that he push people to create new things, from the first Macintosh to iPhone series. They currently are pushing their limits to become more and better. Companies such as Microsoft, Intel, HP and large companies still push themselves to be better.


One of the ways to push your limit is to learn new things. It doesn’t mean that you finish a degree you will just stop learning. Learning is a never ending process it shows that you can push your limit.

Most ESL students’ wants to learn English but they don’t want to push their limits, as an English student we need to push our self to become better every day. As I asked other students “What is the worst thing that could happen?” It’s okay to fail or to commit mistake it is part of our life. Imagine that we are diamonds, at first we need to be pressured, and then we need to be cut at different angles in order to show how brilliant we are.


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