Things That I have Learned From Goku

Learn is defined by Oxford as acquire knowledge of or skill in (something) through study or experience or by being taught. As an ESL student and an inspiring blogger, I have many teachers and inspirations to become successful, one of them is Goku.

For those who don’t know Goku, he is a primer mover of the anime series Dragon Ball. Growing with this anime series, I learned so many things and some of them inspire me to challenge myself in English and become a better blogger.

Here are the things that I learn from Goku:

Push Your Limit and challenge yourself: Satisfied with your Skills? Goku keeps pushing his limit from SS1 to SS4.

As an ESL student don’t be satisfied with your English Skills.


Language Training at Sutherland Clark 2007

(My first push to become a better English speaker)


Treat problems as a challenge: Problem at work or at school? Goku treat problems as a challenge in fact he gets excited about it.

Challenges at work sometimes give you the opportunity to show how great you are.


Pay it forward: You can be a teacher to someone someday.


Find your Vegeta: It is always nice to have someone that challenges you.

Aside from having a buddy teacher in learning English, try to have some English Buddy with you.


I also believe that there are 3 kinds of people, The Broly, a person who has inborn skills, The Vegeta a cocky person but with a develop skills, and The Goku a simple guy that challenge and pushes the limit.

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