IELTS Writing Task 1 : Bar Graph

The bar chart below shows the results of a poll theatre-goers on what disturb them during a performance at the theatre.


The bar graph compares the result of a survey of theatre-goers about what annoys them most during a theatre performance.

As can be clearly seen from the diagram, there are two main groups of irritants: those which are related to noise and non-noise irritant, and of the two, the second is the larger. Rustling sweet papers is the most irritating action of 90% of those in the sample, and Coughing is the next at 75%. Whispering comes next at 60% and Sneezing  at 45%. In this group , Snoring is mentioned as annoying to 30% of those in the sample. Mobile phones annoy 50% of the people and Bleeps 40%.

As for non-noise irritants, Arriving late at 70% is the main one. The next highest is this category is Tall people who disturb 30% of those in the sample and Big Hairdos next at 23%. Flash photography disturbs 25% of theatre-goers, but the lowest in this group is Armrest hogging at 20%

Word Count 159

Possible Band 6.5

Source: Academic Writing for IELTS by Sam McCartre


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