Writing Task 2 : Agree or Disagree


A lab rat is a rat of the family of Rattus Norvegicus which is kept for scientific research. Today, this unwilling lab rat and others animals are subjected to experimentation such medical and cosmetic purposes in order to secure the safeness of products for human use. It is fully understood that some will disagree due to some moral issue, however, for the sake of the human species, we need to sacrifice something in order to achieve a higher chance of survival in this world.

PETA is one of the organizations that pushes medical institutions to eradicate their animal testing since it is unethical to do so. It is suggested that since technology is already advanced, it better to create a simulation. A perfect example of this is EpiDerm that creates artificial tissue to create skin and can interact with any kinds of chemical and can show signs of irritations.

Unfortunately, the technology is still limited and requires a live subject in order to see a longer effect since there are cases of late side effects which cannot be detected by any simulation. Most of these experiments are being used in medical effect such as a cure for diseases.  Lab rats for cancer research are the quintessential reason why doctors and researchers need to see a longer effect. Some of the tests were able to kill the cancer cells but after two weeks it will spread dramatically or it will have a terrible side effect such as sensory problem which is a conundrum if this will release in the market.

In conclusion, people in the medical fields understand the morality issue in experimenting animals, however, experimenting with mouse and others animals will greatly help the researcher in order to cure and save the human species.

(292 Words)


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