IELTS Task 2 : 3. Discuss two views plus your opinion

When studying in Reed College, the young Steve Job did not attended some essential classes, however, he was fascinated in a calligraphy class. He started learning different ways to write, and based on his speech in 2005, without this skills he learned, word processing program will not have beautiful fonts. Today, it is believed that some children are no longer required to develop handwriting skill however, I do believe that this skill should continue to improve.

On the one hand, some argue that writing on a paper and pen is already obsolete with the availability of digital devices, writing is easy as tapping a screen hence learning handwriting skill is futile. For instance, handwritten is only for friends and family so it is not needed to be presentable instead of children practicing handwriting they can do more productive and intuitive such as typing or learning a new language.

On the other hand, handwriting shows how children should be disciplined, in this small way, children are being taught how to be careful with the way they express themselves. For example, in my generation writing in all capital letters shows anger hence, typing it on a computer shows the same thing. In my opinion, having good handwriting skill will give the children a self-confidence and once they grow, people will appreciate the way they write. Furthermore same as speaking, your handwriting shows how well you are in the way you write. A study said that a better penmanship has more tendencies to be read than those who are not.

As a summary, having good handwriting skills is crucial to children since it gives a sense of confidence and people will read more on what they write in the future.

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