IELTS Task 2: Discuss two views only (no opinion)

Tokyo is one of the most modern cities in the Asian region, it is said that this is because of their effectiveness in everything from working ethics and public transportation. It is often argued that transport system of public vehicles are the cardinal role to a modern city, but there are some disadvantages and advantages that it carries, such as route and cost of public transport.

Route system in public transport is usually fixed and interconnected with other roads. It is sometimes argued that this is a conundrum due to limited flexibility of this route. Imagine those passengers will follow a fixed route and it might take few more routes in order to arrive at the destination, it will be a waste of precious amount of time. Moreover, the cost of repair and maintenance is costly hence, using private vehicle is better.

On the other side of the coin, having a fixed route on a public transport will ensure a constant time of arrival. Though limited, commuters are surer on their arrival time instead of subscribing to private vehicles. In addition, the overall cost of repair and maintenance of these public transport are expensive but since passengers are at large the cost will be divided to all the passengers making the fair reasonable compared to the repair fee of a private car.

In a nutshell, just like in Tokyo, effective public transportation is a key to modern cities due to the effectiveness of arrival time of passengers and the ability to divide expenditures in repair and maintenance which will cause less problem compare to privately own vehicles.

(269 Words) Band 5.5 – 6.0


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