CIP : Teacher Alliana’s Essay


What are some of the things you’ve experienced at CIP?

As a teacher at CIP, I have had many great experiences. Here are a couple of experiences that I enjoyed. First, I have had the unexpected experience of meeting many students from many different countries. This experience has taught me the importance of, and how to successfully socialize with a diverse group of people.

Second, it was my pleasure to experience how warm, welcoming, and fun the employees and co-teachers are. When I first started at CIP, I was greeted warmly by most co-teachers, because of this I never felt out of place, I felt as though CIP is my home away from home. I spend more time at CIP than in my own home.

Lastly, I was excited to participate in the EOP Challenge last month. It was a wonderful experience because was my first time to speak in front of internationally diverse group of people. I this was one of my most memorable memories at CIP.



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