IELTS Task 2:Causes/Problem and Solution (BAND 6 SAMPLE)

The city of Caracas in Valenzuela is rank as the highest crime rate in the world with the level of 98.61 crime rate, which means that every 20 minutes a crime is being committed. It is led to believe that smaller towns such as Caracas have a tendency to get a higher crime rate, this is due to some limitation of resources and opportunities and the resolution of these are government implementations.

Crime rate increase in a smaller town because of the lack of opportunities and deprivation amongst offender. It is a conundrum that a person with limited skills would get a decent job within one’s hometown hence it some might go breaking bad and do illegal things such as narcotics. This usually escalate when the culprit served their time in prison and goes back to the real world, with the criminal background, it gets harder to find a decent living making them go back to their old ways, such vicious circle is happening in small towns.

The resolution for this is first is to give welfare support to those below minimum wage family, though it is a huge budget, it is better for the government to spend rather than spending the budget on correction centers that is more likely to be a waste of resources. Moreover, the government should help the delinquents in looking for a better job by giving them the opportunity not to have a permanent criminal record this will enable them to have a better chance of getting a better job and cut the vicious cycle.

In conclusion, small towns would have larger crime rate due to the lack of opportunities to look for a better ways to earn a living and the solution would always involve in promoting welfare support and removing the stigma of previous criminals so they can live a better life.

(Words 304)


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