IELTS Writing Task 2: Opinion (Band 9)

Technology allows food to be produced in greater quantities and at the lower prices. Some people believe this is a positive development, while others feel that the change is harmful. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.


There are different opinion in regard to the question of whether modern machinery and applied chemistry should be used in agriculture. While some people think that this allows farmers to grow more food of the highest quality, others argue that following such an approach pose a threat to everyone’s health and may have a dramatic effect on ecosystems. The debate over this question seems to consist of two irreconcilable poles. Both side of the arguments will be analyzed before a logical conclusion is drawn and my own perspective is given.

There are several apparent benefits of using the latest technology in food industry. In the first place, this allows to produce rich harvest since the growth of cereals, fruits and vegetables is stimulated. As a result, the majority of growing population do not suffer from famine. Moreover, genetically modified foods may be eminently nutritious. For example, I prefer GM tomatoes because they contain more ferrum.

In spite of these      considerations       , the advantages of agro-industrial technology are outweighed by several drawbacks. Food which is produced quickly with the help of pesticides may contain chemicals harmful to humans. From my knowledge, some fertilizers used in Russia have not been tested for safety yet. Beside this, food chains may be broken if crops are resistant to insects. Consequently, some species may become extinct in the near future.

In conclusion, my opinion is that both sides of the argument over whether benefits of using modern technology in farming and production compensate for the drawbacks have merit. However, after analyzing the opposing camps, my personal view is that the people should aim to organic farming. This is because it is more natural and certainly safer than artificial stimulation of food production.
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